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Multiple advantages help Chinese Manufacturing Industry

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What competitive advantage, upgrading the industrial structure can be achieved, how innovation-driven future prospects and other issues become the focus of discussion and concern of the outside world. Britain many economists accept the "Economic Daily" reporters, said that to accurately feel the pulse of the future development of China's manufacturing industry, the need to improve in recent years, China's manufacturing microscopic internal environment for the development and optimization.
Recently, the analysis of the competitive advantage of China's manufacturing industry is often linked with the labor supply that the Chinese coastal labor supply shortages and rising prices will erode their current cost advantages. However, sustainable development and economics professor at China University of Nottingham Shujie Yao believes that infrastructure construction in recent years, China's rapid progress successfully activated the Midwest long been underestimated and idle land, labor, and other natural endowments, which will be manufactured in China to support the future an important source of advantage industry. Professor Ulrich Fritz, University of London also believes that the development and improvement of China's transportation infrastructure so that future manufacturing enterprises to fully enjoy the advantages of central and western regions of labor resources and land. The views of the experts and the Economist Intelligence Unit by the end of 2014 a similar report on Chinese manufacturing labor cost advantage of view. EIU report says that by 2020, despite China's manufacturing labor costs will continue to rise, but in the central and western provinces of the labor market impact of China's manufacturing industry in developed countries and some international respect to emerging economies will remain very strong competitive edge.
At present, the development trend of China's manufacturing is not simply comparative advantages of industrial clusters under the guidance of the transfer, but the existing industry upgrade. Shujie Yao said China's overall industrial technology, efficiency and environmental protection capability has made great progress. Compared to the previous development of coastal development Midwest manufacturing industry in terms of production technology, business management, industrial layout has also been a significant change and improvement. Thin SOAS Professor Wang believes that the current development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises not only showing a model of development according to local cond