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Discussion on bearing the heat treatment method

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Heat treatment quality control of parts of the bearing rings in the whole machinery industry is the most stringent, in order to reduce the deformation of the bearing rings and parts heat treatment to improve the life of the bearing rings respond parts heat treatment process of strict quality control.
A first impact factor bearing ring parts heat treatment is a human quality, the quality of human consciousness, heat treatment professional knowledge, skills and emotion plays the most important role:
1 guide the operator through love hot work, based on the post heat treatment, efforts to study and improve heat treatment professional knowledge and skills;
2 improve people's quality awareness, make people pay attention to quality, attention to quality and detail from each heat treatment operations;
3 heat-treated to enhance professional training of operating personnel, after passing the examination issued heat treatment "post qualification certificate" and "equipment operation certificate," and certificates;
4 operators are encouraged to participate in the national heat treatment heat treatment vocational qualification level examination, the company can give training, counseling;
5 strengthen corporate culture, safety culture training, to improve people's overall quality and consciousness, to develop good habits, not because of emotional instability and affect the quality of the bearing ring parts heat treatment;
Heat treatment operators stable team, from the emotional stability, policy people, who love the heat treatment of the work was left to improve the quality of heat treatment of parts of the bearing rings together.
Regularly check two heat treatment equipment, quenching medium, testing equipment, testing, inspection, maintenance and safe operation:
1 regardless of domestic and imported heat treatment equipment, the effective area of ​​the furnace heating temperature accuracy accurate holding time, the furnace atmosphere control accuracy is an important factor in determining the quality of the bearing rings parts of quenching;
2 quenching medium quality, temperature, quenching time is to ensure that the bearing ring parts quenching quality of the key factors;
3 references aviation parts heat treatment quality control method "temperature uniformity verification provisions," "check the furnace regulations", "hardness check regulations", "heat treatment bath testing requirements", heat treatment equipment, detection equipment "safe operating instructions", various heat treatment process operation "operating instructions" and other quality control documentation, use, maintenance and good heat treatment equipment, quenching medium and detection equipment, and make sure that the furnace temperature quenching medium and test equipment is accurate and reliable, bearing rings parts heat treatment quality assurance is essential.
Three bearing steel material selection:
1 best domestic and foreign steel material bearing material bearing steel oxygen content of the index is still relatively close, but the major gaps in the non-metallic inclusions and carbide particle size and distribution aspects. Crystal structure bearing steel material, the particle size and distribution of non-metallic inclusions and carbides are currently affecting our products bearing life and reliability of the main factors, only a breakthrough in this regard, the quality of our bearing and steel material quality bearing products can really move to a new level. From the physical quality of analysis in recent years, foreign bearing steel material found: foreign production of bearing steel material non-metallic inclusions in terms of uniformity of particle size and distribution are largely superior to our production of bearings steel. In the foreign production of various types of bearing steel material in the overwhelming majority of non-metallic inclusions was small, diffuse, uniform distribution of the state, particularly for oxides seriously affect bearing life and reliability, not point-like inclusions deform more so. In China's production of bearing steel material of non-metallic inclusions in particle size distribution is very uneven, and some field of a non-metallic inclusions are not, some are large numbers of field of view, not only point-like deformation inclusions the probability of frequent and larger particle size, which shows how our country from one side of the furnace with the same number of bearing steel, with flower production processing equipment produced bearings in life there is a big difference, bearing life than the level of the difference of a few times, or even a hundred times;
2 In order to improve bearing life and reliability, to be bearing steel plant and upstream cooperation, through the heat treatment process improvement, to ordinary annealing isothermal annealing, which is the method used abroad, have a good effect. In the United States, Sweden and Japan and other developed countries in the bearing steel metallurgical studies to improve the quality of work is jointly carried out by two industry because of bearing steel material Metallurgical whether to raise the quality, not just rely on one or a few simple metallurgical quality indicators can fully explain the problem, really, the only measure is the ability to improve the life and reliability of the bearing. In addition, to make up for the lack of such cooperation between the two sides, so that the art knows bearing metallurgical characteristics, according to the characteristics of the controlled indicators targeted improvements in the smelting process and quality;
3 by using the correct forging, cold rolling processing technology manufacturing quality bearings bearing steel material, can greatly improve the reliability and life of the bearing;
4 high quality bearing steel bearing material is heat-treated to improve the quality of the key, there is no high-quality bearing steel material to do to ensure reliability and improve bearing life will be empty talk.
Four heat treatment process method:
1 by adjusting the hardening, washing, tempering temperature and time and other parameters, control and reduce the content of residual austenite in the bearing rings, bearing rings to improve the strength and toughness of parts, wear resistance, coefficient of expansion in its control requirements within the range can be increased many times after bearing installed noise does not increase performance, but also improve the reliability and service life of the bearing;
2 utilizes mesh belt furnace structure characteristics by adjusting the quenching temperature and oil temperature control, reduce the thermal stress bearing ring parts quenching, thin-walled can greatly reduce the amount of deformation of large-size models bearing ring parts;
3 also normalizing, tempering and other heat treatment methods to bridge the gap between preliminary and foreign bearing steel material, to improve the reliability and life of the bearing has some effect, but it will increase the number of production costs, while the Company has conditionally adopted also It can be used as a stopgap method;
4 carburizing, carbonitriding, cold treatment, ion implantation, surface coating, intermediate frequency quenching, bainite isothermal hardening heat treatment and other advanced technology, can significantly improve the bearing ring parts impact toughness, hardness, contact fatigue life , wear resistance and service life, when the company has conditionally, heat treatment can use these technologies to develop new bearing products;
5 four scheduled: "fixed operators, fixed heat treatment equipment, constant process of order, given operating instructions", bearing rings parts heat treatment is an important quality assurance measures, the operator only in strict accordance with technical rules, work instructions and standards, in order to heat treatment to ensure the quality of the bearing ring parts;
6 complex heat treatment technology standardization, simplification, process planning and work instructions concise, easy to understand, the heat treatment the operator to understand how to do this work, what makes a good job.
Five heat treatment work environment clean and orderly to improve the quality of heat treatment of bearing parts is equally important:
1 heat treatment production site orderly, clean, display, classified, so some seemingly trivial, superficial things health, reflecting the people's quality, but it also omnipresent impact on people's work, quality of life, including the efficiency of the work, product quality as well as the mood and health;
2 implementation of 6S management, request for daily conduct heat treatment operator, the Initiative from the trivial, and strive to make each employee to get rid of the sloppy Heart, to develop everything serious working attitude, so as to achieve to enhance the quality of people and improve the overall the purpose of quality;
3 order, straighten, sweep, clean, maintain good quality and safety, and become a habit.
Six conclusions:
1 is the heat operator quality awareness, skills, heat treatment operator should certificates;
2 heat treatment to develop quality control documents, technical rules and operating instructions, the existing heat treatment equipment, a variety of bath, testing instruments for regular testing, testing, to ensure the effective area of ​​the heating furnace temperature uniform temperature, heating time, bath, testing equipment accurate;
3 best buy domestic fixed bearing material, and to strengthen communication upstream suppliers and cooperation, monitoring;
4 heat-treated in strict accordance with quality assurance, "four" standard operation;
5 heat treatment production site implementation of 6S management;
6 In short, to improve the quality of heat treatment of parts of the bearing rings There are many ways, it is a complex system engineering. At present, should be based on the company specific circumstances surrounding the law of "quality, cost, cycle time = process improvement Golden Triangle", in reduction of the bearing rings part deformation, improve lifetime should focus from "man, machine, material, method," five aspect of good heat treatment process quality control. Among them, the operator certificates, oven, bath, testing equipment for regular calibration, testing, to ensure accurate and uniform furnace temperature, heating time is accurate, bath qualified, accurate detection equipment and other heat treatment process quality control is essential.

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