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Miniature bearing areas in Japan have been gradually replaced by European and American countries monopoly

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Bearing industry can be described as a long history of industry in the world has been a hundred years of history. Before the 1960s, the bearing industry is mainly dominated by European countries; develop with Japanese cars, motorcycles, office automation equipment, home appliances, machine tools and other industries, after the 1960s, Japan in the micro, small bearing areas have been gradually replace the monopoly of Europe and the United States.
Since the 90s of the 20th century, with the continuous progress of China's production technology, Chinese companies began bearing direct competition with Japanese companies, and gradually occupied the micro, medium and low-end market and some high-end market of small bearing.
Global bearing market gradually return to growth.
Early fifties, but the world's total output of 900 million sets of bearings, the early sixties at least 18 million units, the early seventies of 40 million units in the early 1980s to 70 million units, more than 100 in the late nineties million units; 1997 World bearings total more than 10 billion units, total sales of about $ 30 billion. In 2010, the global bearing manufacturing industry production was 56.6 billion units. Prospect Industrial Research Institute predicts that by 2015, global production will reach 155.7 billion bearing units.
According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute released "2015--2020 China's bearing manufacturing industry sales forecast demand and transformation upgrade analysis report" data show that from 2005 to 2008, the global bearing industry market size continues to grow. In 2009, affected by the global financial crisis, the market size of the global bearing industry declined from 12.5 to 56,800,000,000 US dollars. By 2013, the market size of the global bearing industry was $ 62 billion.
From the specific country, the United States the largest market, accounting for the world 23; followed by EU countries accounted for 21; Japan accounted for 19; Russia accounted for 6; India accounts for 4; China accounts for 10 major Chinese future market bearing manufacturing industry
Statistics show that the world bearing market share of more than 70, are the top ten multinational companies Bearing Group share, including Japan-based NSK, the Swedish SKF, Germany FAG and other companies, the United States Timken and other companies. Meanwhile, the world bearing industry high-end market is dominated by these enterprises, while middle and low market is mainly concentrated in China.
If, by region, the global bearing market can be divided into the Asia and Oceania markets, European markets, North America market, the Latin American market and African market, respectively, and share 40,31,25,3 1.
After the economic crisis, the global bearing market will achieve dramatic increase in 2015. With the gradual increase in industrialization, OEM demand is expected to rise. Although developed countries in recent years, the production of cars and other durable goods is not the economy, thus adversely affecting the demand for bearings. However, in the next few years, we developed markets durables and automobile production will likely increase. Thus, growth in the developed markets as a growth market especially the Chinese market further added terminal sector of strong growth. In 2011, China surpassed the US to become the world's largest market, the traditional main automobile producing countries, and in the past few years has been to stay ahead.

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