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China Bearing Circulation special committee of the Second Council was held in Taiyuan

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China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association in circulation bearing the special committee in the second session of the Third Council was held in Taiyuan Jinci Hotel April 26, 2016, the matter of the meeting is as follows:
1, the rotating president of the unit in charge of five or representatives attended the meeting. The Secretary-General attended the meeting and assist when the value of the president presided over the meeting. Attending a conference a total of 19 people.
2, in the agenda of the meeting will be before the public release.
3, the results of the meeting to discuss the agenda: All agreed.
4, when the value of the meeting by the president Chu Ruopeng annual report on 2015.
5, the Conference adopted the Secretary-General Chuang De-yuan financial report on the 2015 year.
6, co-opted Xi Bai Alliance, the non Xi Sinuo The other three units elected to the governing unit, effective the same day.
Meeting discussed while forming system: the future of co-opted members of the governing units must be elected in the unit, the unit must be elected president of the governing units.
The meeting reviewed the issue of "non-payment of dues for two consecutive years the governing unit, chairman unit" as the automatic withdrawal of discussion during the second session of the second Shenyang, and 2015,2014 two years of non-payment of contributions made "as to determine automatically exit COUNCIL "effective immediately.
7, there will be some representatives to make appropriate contributions to increase the standard proposal, the meeting took note of its rationality; but no vote before the meeting.
8, the meeting adopted the 2015 annual contribution to help support the work of the Association projecting Xi Bai linking of thanks like the proposal made by the Secretariat. It adopted a decision on the 2015 year to promote its positive energy within the Association system, the combination of centripetal force in the outstanding performance of the employees who like Liu Zongyong of thanks.
9, the Conference adopted the decision value chairman Churuo Peng Hao transfer work to the history of the year 2015 when the president, since, by the year 2016 when the value of history Hao served as president. History Hao president and conference fully affirmed and thanked Chu Ruopeng president in the year 2015 contribution to the Council and look forward to continue to work in the future Chu, president of the support and help! History of the president in his speech on the work of the year 2016 made specific comments. History chairman comments will form the work schedule of another paper published.
10, the meeting also discussed the expansion of the team members of the Association, activity fee, innovative topics such as sources of income, did not form resolved, research by the secretariat.
11, the association supports the activities of member companies operating in good faith under the legal framework if necessary associations give specific help, bilateral communication and association.
12, 2016 annual bearing special committee will work with the machine tool branch, electrical branch, mechanical engineering branch, branch grease (chips), auto parts and other fraternal units to carry out further branch exchanges and cooperation, members-oriented enterprises to create more resources and Business.
13, president of the China Machinery and Electronic Products Circulation Association Yin Zhang Lu will listen to after the meeting of the special committee report on the 2015 annual bearing fully affirmed the work, forward-looking analysis of the situation in 2016 after the big face of this proposed work requirements Year 2016 with special emphasis on the special committee members to do practical things for the enterprise, and to ask each committee, club strengthen communication and coordination in order to play their respective advantages.


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