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Flange bearings Know?

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Flanged bearing flange (Flange) also known as the flange or flanges, whose name is derived from the English word flange. Flange bearings use a lot, we often praise robots, life-saving medical equipment, office equipment and cash registers to facilitate the work, and we often used to download the reader to pass, which can be seen bearing flange shadow.
So, what characteristics flange bearings have it? The following review together with me about it:
Flange bearings with the production process of continuous improvement, a significant range of products with a flange, so that the axial positioning easy, small outer diameter of the ball and the hollow shaft used to impart a low-friction bearings, rotary precision high vibration, easy installation and low noise characteristics, is one of the parts and the production of environmentally friendly green living indispensable.
Flanged bearing longevity is our common concern, the proper use and maintenance of the necessary measures bearing flange bearings are also extended. Lie Bearing (LB) produce various kinds of flange bearings, product categories, including metric, imperial, stainless steel, there are more than 180 kinds of models, diameter size range of flange bearings is 1-12mm. Features flange bearings are flanged outer ring flange to simplify the host structure reduced host size, making it easier to locate the bearing. Flange bearings mainly bear radial load, but also to support radial and axial load. The following teach you to extend the life of the bearing flange of the following measures:
(1) bearing in the case of strong shock, there will be scars, maybe even crack, break, care must be taken.
(2) maintain the bearing and the surrounding clean. Even invisible dust will erode the bearing, it is necessary to do regular cleaning and maintenance.
(3) corrosion problems often occur, so try to touch the bearing to clean hands, not sweaty or dirty hands.
(4) the bearing assembly can not be too tight, the General Assembly had an impact, too small to poor lubrication, the gap should be appropriate, the load is not too large, otherwise it will lead to bearing temperature.
(5) the use of compliant fuel and lubricants, under the correct circumstances appropriate to improve the lubrication quality, control oil pressure, temperature and flow, strengthen the oil filter.
Once the flange bearing damage occurs, it must go through a very rigorous testing process to determine whether the bearing damage can be repaired. Repair bearings must be fully cleaned, and then very strict comprehensive testing. First, as long as the detection of bearing damage such as a crack, a large peeling and discoloration of overheating, the presence of these bearings is likely to damage beyond repair and must be scrapped.

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