Talent Concept

The new century will always human resources strategy as an important part of enterprise development, convinced that talent is the basis for the construction of outstanding enterprises, promotion of human resources trilogy, namely:
Elect people to Germany for the first, it is on;
Employing survival of the fittest, the employer to be able to find talent, Understand use, utilized, can make the best use, capable, the levels were so, the mediocre;
Educating people within the repair outside the meeting to the need Yucai, everyone trained, all training people; provide adequate display their talent on the big stage for all kinds of talents.

Talent Education

1, the "good faith, long service" enterprise culture;

2, improve the rank system and comprehensive training mechanism;

3, the industry has a competitive remuneration package, excellent staff Award / year-end awards and other incentives;

4、A comprehensive welfare system: Free Nights (graduating students) / free meals / free shuttle / insurance policy / union system / Staff Fund / birthday gift / child health care and child care subsidies / annual medical benefits / employee cultural events.

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Job Offers

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  • Urgent paying telemarketing
    Job Responsibilities:
    1, is responsible for collecting the new customer information and communicate, develop new customers;
    2, over the phone with customers to communicate effectively understand customer needs, look for sales opportunities and sales performance;
    3, maintaining the old customer's business, and tap the full potential clients;
    4, regular communication and cooperation with customers, establish a good long-term relationship.
    1,20-30 years old, articulate, fluent in Mandarin, voice contagious;
    2, sales have high enthusiasm;
    3, with a strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
    4, tough character, quick thinking, good resilience and bearing capacity;
    5, have a keen insight into the market, there is a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude, related to telephone sales experience is preferred.

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